Sunday, December 14, 2008

These are the links to the patterns I used form YCMT
1. Euro pocket apron-
2. Duet Apron-
3. FREE Adult and Child Chef hat-
4.Apron Top-
5. Walking vest-
and I started projects with many more (to finish over Christmas break)!

Merry Christmas to You!

I am happy to give all the readers of this blog a Christmas new favorite cookie recipe!!!! My little girl named them Audry's cookies'n'cream balls.They are easy, cheap, and gorgeous... did I mention that no one can eat just one?

Audry's Cookies'N'Cream Balls
1 pkg low fat Oreos
1 pkg low fat cream cheese (softened)
white chocolate bark

1. Crush oreos
2. Mix oreos & cream cheese in food processor (this mixture is the dough)
3. refrigerate "cookie dough" for an hour
4. roll "dough into balls
5. dip the balls into melted chocolate bark
6. Allow the chocolate to harden, and enjoy!

I did it!!!! (and then my camera broke)

I finished the challenge! I made a ton of gifts, a Christmas outfit for Hazel, and 50 Christmas cards. I was getting everything together to photograph and then my camera died. I guess with all of the money I saved I can buy a new camera! Here's what I made:
youngest brother: Movie night kit ( homemade blanket, DVD, candy and popcorn)
Daughter: Sleepover kit ( same things as movie night kit)
2 cousins ( he's 7 ,she's 4): Appliqued apron and chef's hat sets
9 year old cousin: decoupaged "evening bag", and gloves
Brother and sister in law- monogramed wine glasses
Girl baby gift: Hairbow set and bow holder
Boy baby gift: embroidered onesie and shorts
Sister: finished a quilt for her that I started 5 years ago, and a cat costume box (she likes to dress up her cat)(has a tutu, walking vests (from YCMT pattern), and a Santa hat)
Dad, brother, and grandad- photo mosaic Rubik's cubes
Mom- Scarf
Co-worker- hand knit Auburn scarf and glove set
Teacher gift, and co-worker gifts- Cookies, spiced tea mix, and chocolate dipped candy canes
Now I need a rest!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I'm almost done...but keep adding more work!

I am almost done, but keep adding more and more to the list. There is a HUGE Grinch ice thing here... I think it is a warehouse full of ice statues, but Hazel HAD to have a new Grinch outfit to wear when we went. I got a YCMT pattern and made an apron top and designed appliques (photos coming soon). I need to make cookies this weekend for teacher gifts, and then I should be done... I think. Ill start uploading photos as soon as I can take them. This whole experience has taught me how truly cheap I am. I have been pulling out scraps from who knows when. At least I got to clear out some of my stash!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

4 more down!... and an ebook on the way!

I can't believe I added my Christmas cards to this challenge.... the big challenge is going to be getting them signed and in the mail! I finished 4 more gifts. I make the cutest "cigar box purses". I don't actually use cigar boxes... well sometimes I do. I decoupaged these, but I usually paint them. I even added some hotfix swarovski crystals for a bit of bling. I decided to make an ebook on the whole process. I have included painting, and paper/fabric decoupage. Nothing like adding extra work for yourself! I have completed 1/2 of my gifts now! My co-worker gifts will be done tonight... except for the chocolate dipped candy canes because I'd eat them all if I made them this far in advance!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I am in a time crunch now, and my short attention span is driving me crazy! I have finished (100%) 3 large gifts. I have made stocking stuffers for my younger girl cousins, and for Hazel Mae. I am making chocolate dipped peppermint sticks for my co workers.... and homemade handwarmers too ( it STINKS being a teacher and having to go outside no matter how cold it is). I need to get on the ball and finish up. I did decide to include my CHRISTMAS CARDS in this little experiment.... and they are done! I did them Assembly line style. This year I am emailing pictures instead of making 40 prints. Hazel made hand print santas that are so cute... and Id rather get that then anything! I finally figured out how to post photos, so as soon as I take them they will be posted.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Turkey COMA!

I think I have a Turkey coma! It caused me to be super thrifty and be one of the crazies in line at 4:30 a.m. to get deals this morning. I Thought of the CUTEST idea for one of my thrifty gifts for my brother and Hazel Mae. Target had $3.98 DVDs this morning (so far I have spent $28 fot the materials for 7 gifts and I think I have the materials for the rest). I got them each a DVD, and I'm making them a blanket from fabric I already had. Someone gave me plastic "popcorn" bags last year and I'm going to put together a "movie night" kit. Jack's blanket is finished....and is the most masculine thing I have made in a long time. Hazels is cut and ready to be sew this weekend. I rigged the cousin's gift swap so that I could get my cousin Helen... she's a little older than Hazel and very girly, so I can work with that. I made her gloves with bows and appliques on them for a start. I promise I will post photos in the next day or so... whenever I figure out how.